Business Continuity and High Availability Options

  • 02 Sep 2015 17:44

Today, more than ever, security is a mission critical business component. In this white paper learn about the redundancy Symmetry offers

Today, more than ever, security is a mission critical business component. This is not only true for our customers that are responsible for critical national infrastructure, but also for our corporate customers who have shareholder’s interest to protect. They need a security management system that will meet their needs when they need it most.


There already exists a degree of redundancy in our system architecture due to the distributed intelligence
model employed. If the server/communication client were to lose communications with the controllers
(due to a network failure or a computer hardware or software failure), the system still behaves as usual
from a user perspective. Of course, there are some limitations such as real-time alarms not getting routed and the limited amount of memory available for queuing transaction history. But when the communications are restored, the field panels automatically download their queued information to the server, and any changes made at the server are also synchronized with the controllers.

While such a distributed intelligence model will meet the need of the majority of customers, more sophisticated server-based solutions are required to meet mission critical availability goals. AMAG
Technology provides a growing number of options to meet the business continuity (in the face of a disaster) and high availability concerns of our customers. The purpose of this document is to summarize these options and to compare and contrast the differences. 

Download the full white paper: Business Continuity