Destination Dispatch Elevator Integration

  • 02 Sep 2015 17:44

This white paper covers the topic of Elevator Dispatch, the new paradigm for security integration

Many systems run simultaneously to make up the office building ecosystem. In addition to the physical security system, there is the HVAC, lighting, and elevator systems. The latest software controlled elevator dispatch systems save money by requiring fewer cabs, using less energy, and reducing traveler wait times. Symmetry keeps pace with the improvements to elevator control systems by integrating to destination dispatch systems from various elevator manufacturers. Thus, Symmetry provides building tenants and managers with the ability to secure access to desired floors without introducing complexity into the operations.


An office building is an ecosystem. Various components must interface and coexist in harmony
for the whole system to function efficiently.

Elevator control has moved well beyond the traditional, push a call button and wait for the car to arrive at your floor. Now banks of elevator cars are continuously run through efficiency algorithms to determine the most effective route for each car and to group passengers going to the same place in the same car. Referred to as software-controlled destination dispatch systems, users enter their destination into a control panel before they get into the car and the system tells them which car to get into. 

Download the full white paper: Dispatch Elevator Integration