Solving Enterprise-Wide Access Control Provisioning, Auditing & Compliance Issues

  • 11 Sep 2015 22:25

How do I determine where I can go and how do I verify compliance

Large and complex organizations spread across many locations often experience access control management issues. Whether there is a single enterprise-wide access control system or, often due to corporate acquisitions and mergers, a hybrid solution from multiple different manufacturers, the issues are usually the same. How do I determine who can go where, and how can I verify compliance with policies either for our own internal piece of mind or to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements?

How We Got To Where We Are Today

Access control systems are built to last, and for a large organization changing course is a major operation not to be undertaken lightly. As a result most access control systems keep their place in an organization for at least ten or fifteen years. Many of the largest global corporations settled on their access control platform in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s, sometimes as a result of the now long-forgotten year 2000 compliance projects or to take advantage of Windows based software as it became available around that time.

Organizationally these same corporations have not stood still, and often multiple mergers and acquisitions have taken place during that time, leaving a trail of unfavorable legacy systems across different divisions and countries.

During this same period expectations have increased. Travelling employees expect to use a single card at all locations, and there is an expectation that there is a joined up system for managing security, reporting results and minimizing costs. This has become quite achievable through the increased availability and relatively low cost of networking, either across a private corporate network or – now more frequently - through virtual private networks across the internet. 

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