Digital Realty Trust

  • 29 Oct 2015 14:51

Digital Realty Trust select Symmetry access control, video management and building automation

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. is the world’s largest wholesale datacenter provider. The company provides Turn-Key DatacenterTM and Powered Base BuildingTM data center solutions for domestic and international customers across a variety of industries ranging from information technology and internet enterprises, to manufacturing and financial services. Digital Realty Trust’s properties contain applications and operations critical to the day-to-day operations of both technology industry and corporate enterprise data center customers.

Digital Realty Trust’s customer base is made up of predominately Fortune 2000 level companies. They pride themselves on developing a data center from start to finish in approximately 26 weeks from the time the order is signed. In contrast, most companies build a data center in 18-24 months.

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