Constitution Center

  • 28 Aug 2015 18:01

A short distance from Capitol Hill, the Constitution Center, occupies a full city block and is the largest private building in DC

Constitution Center

Constitution Center, at 400 7th Street, SW in Washington D.C., occupies a full city block. A short distance from Capitol Hill, the Mall and many Federal agencies, the highly energy efficient and environmentally responsible building is the largest privately owned building in D.C., with roughly 1.4 million rentable square feet and another 680,000 square feet in an underground parking garage. The building was totally renovated during the period from July 2007 to December 2010 and is now fully leased by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Housing Finance Agency and the General Services Administration.

When it came time to examine ways to better manage new tenant needs, the owner, David Nassif Associates, and Managing General Partner, Timothy Jaroch, needed to make a decision on whether to stay with the existing access control system or consider a security management system that was agnostic in that it could accept competing providers. Mr. Jaroch was also concerned about paying for maintenance and monitoring fees for a company that monitored remotely and typically took 12-30 minutes to respond to an alarm. And every time a change was made to the system, for example, adding a reader, the service provider controlled what was going to be installed and could charge a premium for the new installations.

Mr. Jaroch teamed up with Allegiance Security Integration (ASI), which suggested converting the existing system to AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Security Management System, which was “agnostic” and could grow with Constitution Center as it added more readers and cameras to its system. Symmetry also met Constitution Center’s requirement to be HSPD-12 compliant, a federal government mandated security standard for secure and reliable forms of identification.

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