Blackstone Equity

  • 29 Oct 2015 14:16

Kiosks deliver security in high rises

Increased security levels in the post-9/11 world have mandated that high-rise and large structure building owners and managers address the future growth of their security systems, making sure they can be upgraded, as future needs warrant and as new technologies become available.

The installation of high-end electronic turnstiles that offer web accessed integration of the visitor management system, access control and elevator control have increased over 400%. Rapid technological advancements and design ingenuity now allow for the full integration of all aspects of the security management system. These types of advanced security technologies attract chief executives who want to move their law firms and insurance companies into these highly secured buildings.

Blackstone/Equity Office Properties (EOP), a premier national property management company with buildings throughout greater Boston, recently standardized on AMAG Technology’s Symmetry integrated security management system that allows for tenants themselves to pre-enroll expected visitors and set the locations and times that they should be allowed access. This technology results in decreased cost of security personnel and for an automated visitor process.

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