NHS Blood and Transplant

  • 03 Nov 2015 15:36

Symmetry secures UK's NHS Blood & Transplant Service serving 14 blood Centers across England and Wales.

The Blood & Transplant Service is an integral part of the National Health Service (NHS), whose key responsibility is to deliver blood and body tissue from fourteen Blood Centres, anywhere in England and North Wales.

Every year, the NHS Blood & Transplant Service collect, test, process and store over two million blood donations, which are given through voluntary support from the general public. Another of their core functions is to continually carry out research into improving the safety of blood, and new ways it can be used to help save more lives. Further to this they provide specialist medical advice and clinical support to hospitals, as well as educating and training transfusion medicine specialists. 

NHS Blood & Transplant Service held a competitive tender to find a company to fulfil its security and access control needs. AMAG Technology was selected as the company to provide the service of upgrading all of the existing systems throughout the Blood Centres and a number of satellite sites.

The Symmetry™ Security Management System was implemented, allowing the security provision to be located centrally, while ensuring system administration could be carried out locally. The Symmetry software was installed on to the NHS Blood & Transplant Service network, to allow communication between the Blood Centres and satellite sites.

Download the complete Case Study: NHS Blood