Addenbrookes Hospital

  • 18 Aug 2015 09:53

Addenbrookes is the largest of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with over 40 wards and 32 operating theaters, and 11,000 people working on site

Addenbrookes is the largest of the Cambridge University Hospitals with over 40 wards and 32 operating theaters. A center for specialist care and a provider of local services, Addenbrookes has an established world-wide standing as one of the foremost university teaching and research hospitals. Having served the population of Cambridge and its surrounding areas for over 200 years, Addenbrooke’s currently employs over 6,000 staff at its campus, just a few miles from the city center.

Added to this figure are in excess of 5,000 staff from other organizations based on the site, including research, temporary and part-time staff, as well as the myriad of subcontractors in roles similar to those employed by virtually every hospital and Trust nowadays. In addition, during an average twelve-month period, a total of over 280,000 outpatients, 25,000 day cases and 44,000 inpatients will be treated at Addenbrooke’s. It is easy to get a picture of the administration and access complexities Addenbrookes face.

To manage the vast campus of buildings, car parks and temporary facilities Addenbrookes installed a Public Access Terminals (PAT) ESi Access Control solution in the late 1990’s. The system was initially installed as a car park control solution but due to the user friendly nature of the system it was soon rolled out across the hospital campus.

The ESi solution enabled Addenbrooke's administration staff to create Access Control cards for new staff members, contractors or visitors as required and assign only the necessary access rights. Ten years on and the ESi system was operating at capacity. Limited to the number of card holders (5000) and readers (400) the system could manage Addenbrookes realized they needed a new solution to their Identification and Access Control needs.

When AMAG Technology acquired the PAT and ESi products in 2006 they carried out a survey at Addenbrookes to establish if the existing ESi system was meeting the hospital’s requirements. As the ESi system could not expand any further to include additional card holders and readers AMAG Technology offered Addenbrookes an alternative solution. AMAG Technology replaced the existing ESi system with Symmetry Access Control. An application of the Symmetry Security Management System, the Symmetry Access Control solution offers Addenbrookes the ability to fully integrate with other applications including CCTV and alarm management, ideal for large campus environments such as Addenbrookes.

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