Virgin Islands Port Authority

  • 08 Jul 2016 03:50

Symmetry Helps the United States Virgin Islands Port Authority Meet TWIC Requirements

The United States Virgin Islands is a vacation destination for people around the world.  Located south of Florida, the islands of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas are packed year round with tourists looking for fun in the sun.  Tourism is 80% of the islands gross domestic product and employment, and because the islands are located far from the mainland US, all goods are shipped via boat or plane, making the Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) an agency that touches everyone. 

The VIPA controls two airports and 11 seaport facilities on the three islands, all which require different federally mandated security requirements to ensure the safety of employees and tourists. To meet the diverse requirements, the Port Authority contacted Transportation Technology Associates, formerly Transportation Security Associates, LLC, to help them find a security management system that will control access, meet TWIC requirements at the seaport facilities that require it, and secure the two airports, which must meet separate federal aviation regulations.  The enterprise system needed to operate across the three islands. 

Transportation Technology Associates, Managing Partner, Jeff Brown and his team worked on the project in three phases.  First, they conducted a cost analysis for the deployment of the equipment.  Second, they completed the design and specification process and assisted the Port throughout the bid process.  After reviewing a comparative analysis between their current legacy system and AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Enterprise Security Management system, VIPA selected Symmetry.  Lastly, they assisted with the construction and administration of the project and ensured that the contractors built the system to the specifications that were published.

Download the complete case study: Virgin Islands Port Authority