Salt Lake City Police Department

  • 24 Nov 2015 15:50

Salt Lake City PD selected Symmetry Professional for its ability to customize and integrate with critical video and audio technologies.

During construction of the new building, Salt Lake City Police Department, Lieutenant with Logistics Bureau, Scott Teerlink, along with his Deputy Chief researched security systems and discovered AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Professional access control system. They were so impressed with the features and functionality of Symmetry Professional, they specified the system when the job went out for bid.  

The new building was designed with police security needs in mind. The Symmetry Professional access control system integrates with Milestone System’s XProtect video management platform, Stentofon’s Alphacom E audio system and Axis IP cameras. In addition to adding more card readers and cameras, it offered better security control and history reporting to help the SLCPD manage everything within their agency.

Once an employee or contractor is approved to receive an access control card by the Deputy Chief, they are issued a card by the SLCPD Quarter Master. For employees, the card expires every four years and every year for non-employees. Non-employees receive background checks every year, and are reissued a card once they pass the check. Employees automatically receive regular background checks, and cards are replaced every four years to update the photo and replace old, worn out cards.

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