City of Hobbs

  • 18 Nov 2015 16:02

Symmetry provided a scalable, enterprise solution and can grow as the City adds more buildings and doors, as well as integrates with the school district's video management system.

After operating several out of date and disparate security systems, the City of Hobbs determined it was time to consolidate to one centrally-managed security management system. TSG Solutions, a security consulting firm, was hired to analyze their needs, research new technologies and find a solution that would best meet their requirements as a municipality with multiple locations and needs. TSG performed a risk assessment and feasibility study, and recommended AMAG Technology’s Symmetry access control system. Symmetry provided a scalable, enterprise solution with many attractive features. Symmetry could grow as the City of Hobbs added more buildings and doors, and integrate with the school district’s existing video management platform from Video Insight.

TSG Solutions designed a scalable security system diverse enough to serve the whole city, but yet met the needs of each individual department. The design had to meet the lockdown requirements of the jail, yet the openness required of the City Hall building.

Download the full case study: City of Hobbs