Symmetry CONNECT Large Bank

  • 10 Sep 2015 20:54

A remarkable, high-tech approach to managing people and data is revolutionizing the way this bank responds to security-related incidents

Regular customers at the bank’s retail centers may have noticed little change in the physical security of its branches during the past two decades.

The presence of a uniformed G4S Custom Protection Officer on duty at the entrance during business hours continues to this day to give them reassurance and a sense of security.

But while the visible face of security is largely unchanged, a remarkable, integrated high-tech approach to managing people and data is revolutionizing the way this bank, one of the world’s largest responds to security-related incidents.

With the help of G4S, its sole security supplier for more than a decade-and-a-half, this financial institution has embraced a new approach that enhances the secure solutions it receives.

The result is a single, integrated solution that combines physical security with real-time incident reporting, as well as providing command and control response together with total data management. It is a pioneering and wide-ranging concept, agreed upon under a new contract, that has transformed their longstanding partnership.

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