• 29 Oct 2015 14:10

Symmetry protects Europe's leading credit card issuer

Barclaycard are Europe's leading credit card issuer, with approximately 11 million cards in circulation worldwide. At present, one in every five credit cards in the UK is a Barclaycard and there are currently 8.4 million UK users. Barclaycard is accepted in over 22 million locations spanning more than 200 countries and there are currently 600,000 ATMs and banks available to Barclaycard customers.

Barclaycard were established in 1966 as the UK's first credit card. In 1977, the company became a partner of the international VISA system, leading to the subsequent introduction of Barclaycard Mastercard in 1990. At present the company offers 11 different cards, each catering for a different market. Barclaycard were also the first card services provider on the Internet, with over 800,000 customers now regularly taking advantage of Barclaycard's online account services. This activity ensures that Barclaycard remain the UK's leading Internet provider of card services.

In 1996, through a competitive tender process, AMAG Technology was selected as principal electronic security provider for Barclaycard's new Headquarters Building at Brackmills, Northampton (known as 'Freshfields'). Barclaycard were already aware of the high quality products and services provided by AMAG Technology on account of their existing Plantime (flexible time recording and management) system.

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