Norwegian School of Economics

  • 24 Nov 2015 22:30

Coupling high Accessibility with a controlled environment at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)


The Norwegian School of Business in Bergen (NHH) has approximately 6000 students and over 500 employees. The campus is accessible 24/7 which can put staff, pupil and visitor security to the test. NHH wanted a solution that controlled the openness yet offered a high degree of individual management and customization. Roy Myklebust, Head Engineer at NHH found the perfect solution in Symmetry Security Management System. Symmetry was proposed and subsequently installed as the chosen security management system by Stanley Security.  

Roy was early in incorporating and using access control at the school. Instead of taking a restrictive attitude to student access it was decided that the school would have as high a degree of access for the students and employees as possible but at the same time would ensure a controlled environment. An important requirement outlined early on by Roy was the requirement for a robust system that was simple and easy to operate.

On site today, there are approximately 600 card readers and 6600 active cards. All access outside normal operating hours requires positive identification with card and pin. And in some cases the students can partially tailor their own access. The option to tailor access is made available via a web interface. Students can alter their own access to the Student Union's rooms through a web interface according to their needs. Access changes made by students are very much restricted but given them a degree of flexibility. 

Download the complete case study: NHH