Excelsior Springs High School

  • 29 Oct 2015 15:03

Excelsior Springs School District installs Symmetry Security Management System to protect people through detailed scheduling


Excelsior Springs School District’s number one priority is to protect its students and staff in its seven buildings.

“The safety of our students is foremost in our minds,” said Excelsior Springs Director of Safety and Security, Mr. Tom Mayfield. “In the US in the last 50 years, no child has died in a fire in the public schools, but we’ve lost over 250 students to school shootings. It’s time to lock down schools and better manage disgruntled behavior.”

Mr. John Lacy, Deputy Superintendent, persuaded district staff and the school board to invest in an AMAG Technology Symmetry Enterprise Security Management System and Symmetry Video System. Almost 80 doors are controlled by proximity card readers and another 150 doors are monitored by the system. The Symmetry SMS operates over the school’s IP network and is integrated with 219 Bosch Security Systems and AXIS IP cameras.

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