Coventry University

  • 28 Aug 2015 17:17

AMAG Technology and Coventry University embarked on a program of implementing a campus-wide electronic access control system for this city center University


Coventry University, located in the heart of England, can trace its roots back to 1843 as the Coventry College of Design. Much has changed since then, not least the challenge of securing the people and property of a busy city centre university campus.

Within Coventry, the University covers over 35 acres of land including 32 multi-storey buildings. Add to that over 25,000 potential card holders and the logistical difficulties of protecting such a city centre location start to become clear. AMAG Technology and the University embarked on a program of implementing a site-wide electronic access control system. The objectives of the program were:

Replace mechanical keys, which through loss and retention by key holders and former key holders were resulting in many instances of unauthorised building and room access; Improve staff and student safety; Reduce levels of theft from the University; Reduce security costs; Provide a technological platform for future growth with a security partner.

Coventry University was one of the pioneers in the Education sector to look at replacing many of its original mechanical locks with electronic access control systems. Proximity card readers needed to be distributed to over 375 doors across the campus, ensuring a safe and secure environment for staff, students and visitors alike, whilst at the same time preventing trespass.

The system needed to enable major cost savings to be implemented. These included security manning, where the effective deployment of two dedicated staff in maintaining the Symmetry™ system has now removed the necessity for an increase in physical security patrols alongside a considerable growth in the number of University buildings.

Download the full case study: Coventry University