Blank Rome Migrates to Symmetry SR Solution

  • 11 Aug 2016 16:24

The Protection Bureau installed the Symmetry SR solution, and delivered an easy, affordable upgrade path.

AMAG Technology

When Blank Rome, a 70 year old prestigious law firm, learned its existing access control system was end of life, Director of Information Security, Robert Weaver, was faced with a decision.  Should Blank Rome continue using its current system, Facility Commander, where getting replacement parts would become expensive and difficult to source, or should they consider a new alternative?

Weaver turned to its long time partner and integrator, The Protection Bureau, for an answer.  Together, Weaver and The Protection Bureau President, J. Matthew Ladd, reviewed the pros and cons of staying with Facility Commander, or upgrading their system and installing AMAG Technology’s Symmetry SR Retrofit Controller system.  The Symmetry SR Retrofit solution offered an easy and affordable upgrade path.  Blank Rome could keep their existing hardware, saving thousands of dollars, and upgrade to a state-of-the-art access control system that would expand as their company grew.  Having a system that could grow with them was important as the company is currently adding more offices.

“We wanted to present Blank Rome with the best option that would fit their needs,” said The Protection Bureau President, J. Matthew Ladd.

“We worked with The Protection Bureau to identify an upgrade path that was going to be effective and cost efficient and provide us with the functionality that we were looking for. They recommended AMAG’s SR system,” said Blank Rome, Director of Information Security, Robert Weaver.  

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