Morse Watchmans Now a Certified Member of Symmetry Preferred Partner Program

  • 03 Mar 2016 14:52

Morse Watchman KeyWatcher Touch Integrates with Symmetry

Morse Watchmans announces that its KeyWatcher®  Touch Key Management System is now integrated with AMAG Technology’s Symmetry V8.0.2 Access Control System. The AMAG Symmetry Integration Module allows users to provide access to KeyWatcher Touch assets to card holders from within the Symmetry system. Both Morse Watchmans and AMAG Technology cooperatively tested and certified the integration.

“The integration between these two technologies eliminates the time-consuming and potentially error-prone tasks of entering users into two separate systems,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “We are very pleased that the KeyWatcher Touch key control system can be updated and managed through Symmetry, increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of both solutions.”

"AMAG’s Symmetry System is used by an increasing number of large organizations for their access control, and to link together all aspects of their physical security,” said Dave Ella, Vice President of Product Marketing, AMAG Technology. “Being able to control traditional keys from within Symmetry is a major advantage, since all facility entry can be managed in one place. That provides considerable audit and compliance reporting benefits. We are happy to welcome Morse Watchmans to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program."

Morse Watchmans’ key control and management systems are an orderly and secure solution for addressing controlled usage and safekeeping of mechanical keys. The tamper-proof systems are designed so that only authorized users, using pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, can access keys; on-board advanced technology automatically records all access activity. In addition to the newly added functionality, Morse Watchmans’ AMAG Symmetry Integration Module allows users to:

• Add/modify/delete cardholders and badge data to/from the appropriate KeyWatcher Touch users from within Symmetry

• Assign KeyWatcher Touch users to sites based on Symmetry access codes

• Configure KeyWatcher TrueTouch alarms and transactions that are passed to Symmetry via events and alarms

• Configure card format used with Symmetry to pass the correct badge data to the KeyWatcher TrueTouch server

• Allow configuration of an anti-egress feature that keeps users from leaving an area when holding a particular asset, and can also allow access to additional areas when an asset is held.

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