• 10 Nov 2015 15:41

INEX/ZAMIR and AMAG combine complementary solutions to deliver an automatic license plate recognition offering to access control integrators and end users

INEX/ZAMIR, a leading provider of Automatic License plate Recognition and Ve-hicle Identification solutions confirms that it has entered into a strategic partnership with AMAG Technology, a leading manufacturer of quality access control solutions and ser-vices as member of its Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. This partnership will allow for collaboration between the two companies’ products, development and further integra-tion. As a result, sales channels can begin offering this new integrated solution.

INEX/ZAMIR’s Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) and its IZServer soft-ware are designed to fully integrate with AMAG’s Symmetry™ system. The integration between INEX/ZAMIR license plate readers and Symmetry enables the system to use vehicle license plates to grant or deny facility access. An ALPR Camera System cap-tures license plate numbers. These numbers are then matched against license plate data in the Symmetry database. On a match, the corresponding user ID number is sent to the access panel associated with a gate or barrier. The controller processes the user ID number through its normal authorization logic as if a card was presented at a reader, and then controls whether access is permitted. 

By using a vehicle’s license plate as a user credential, the system requires no additional equipment such as RFID chips and barcodes - making this the least expensive and most reliable system on the market. Using the license plate as the credential requires no interaction from the driver, virtually eliminating wait times and bottlenecks caused by the need to stop and show or swipe an ID badge.

“We are pleased to announce the joint strategic partnership between INEX/ZAMIR and AMAG,” stated Roman Prilutsky, INEX/ZAMIR’s CEO. “The partnership is based on INEX/ZAMIR’s unique product features which offer reliable License Plate Recognition solutions with superior read performance of all plate types in any weather and lighting conditions. AMAG products, such as their Symmetry software, integrated with INEX/ZAMIR’s IZServer, provides effective vehicle access control solutions. We are looking forward to be working with a company that has such a fine reputation for quality products and technological innovation.”

“The partnership with INEX/ZAMIR allows AMAG to offer our customers an integrated license plate recognition solution, which presents an efficient way to manage access where heavy traffic is a challenge,”  said AMAG Technology, Vice President of Product Marketing, David Ella.  “This is the first time we’ve been able to offer our customers a license plate based access control solution and we are excited to add this integration and company to our Symmetry Preferred Partner Program.”

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INEX/ZAMIR designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive hardware/software solutions for license plate recognition and vehicle identification. Whether your ALPR needs are for security, public safety and law enforcement, parking and access control, tolling or intelligent transportation systems, or for gathering data for analysis, INEX/ZAMIR can provide you with the license plate recognition hardware and software solutions to satisfy your requirements. INEX/ZAMIR was founded in 2001 and has offices in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.