Symmetry CONNECT

  • 23 Sep 2015 11:55

AMAG Technology Launches Policy-Based Platform Symmetry CONNECT™, to help businesses solve security challenges

AMAG Technology announces the expansion of its product line to include Symmetry CONNECT™, the enterprise-wide software platform that helps Enterprise organizations  operate more efficiently to mitigate risk, reduce cost, ensure compliance and improve a user’s experience.  AMAG Technology is an integrated security provider of access control, video management and visitor management solutions.  Symmetry products give customers a comprehensive end-to-end software platform so users can manage all their security needs while reducing risk and meeting industry compliance.

Symmetry CONNECT offers organizations an easy-to-use software solution that automates how companies manage their visitors, employees and contractors. It enables organizations to build sustainable policies and automate manual disjointed procedures.  The self service portal reduces email requests, approvals and manual administration. The flexible policy-based software solution expands and contracts as business needs dictate.

Credential Authentication and Compliance
Symmetry CONNECT manages how visitors, contractors and employees move throughout an organization and streamlines the administration of access rights, permissions and approvals.  This ensures compliance by automating disjointed manual processes and policies.  Symmetry CONNECT enables organizations to prove their levels of enforcement and ensures the right people have access to the right areas at the right times. Credential Authentication and Compliance (CAC) focuses on automating the following:

  • Automated  on and off boarding of employees and contractors
  • Role and policy based access assignment and removal
  • Self service portal for a simple user experience
  • Simplified way to request access
  • Recertification of access to secure areas
  • Simplified end to end audit process to ensure compliance of secure areas.
  • Ad-hoc and canned reporting to meet compliance requirements

Visitor Management
Symmetry CONNECT Visitor Management enhances a visitor’s experience.  It automates and tracks the entire lifecycle of a visitor beginning with pre-registration of visitors by the host, either through a self-service portal or via Outlook/Gmail calendar schedule, the check-in, badging at the reception lobby, and continuing through checkout.  Symmetry CONNECT Visitor Management’s policy based application automatically checks each individual visitor against a “watch list”, ensures NDA’s are signed, safety training or foreign visitor requirements are acknowledged and notifies hosts of their guest’s arrival via email or text.  The Visitor experience is simple and secure by way of a tablet, smartphone or kiosk, allowing for easy access to the software from anywhere and providing an improved user experience.  Symmetry CONNECT Visitor Management provides a seamless and smart experience without compromising policies or procedures.

Additional features include:

  • Full smartphone / tablet capabilities
  • Most  web browsers supported (IE, Chrome, Firefox, iOS)
  • Watch list 
  • Outlook/Gmail pre registration
  • NDA / Policy upload
  • Signature capture
  • Visitor self-registration
  • License / Passport / Business Card scanning
  • Robust reporting
  • Integrated with Symmetry
  • Customized visitor badge design
  • QR code capability
  • Email and text notifications
  • Policy and Rule configuration

Symmetry CONNECT Visitor Management is an on-demand service.  Hosted on a single page application, flexible APIs and a robust policy engine will provide a positive customer experience beginning with the moment a meeting is scheduled.

Symmetry CONNECT extends the operational effectiveness of the Symmetry Security Management solution.  AMAG’s goal is to help companies operationalize the way they manage visitors, contractors and employees by streamlining the entire operation, while ensuring compliance and automating how audits are completed.