Symmetry CompleteView

Symmetry CompleteView is a feature-rich set of video solutions encompassing PowerProtect NVR's, TouchView Mobile apps and GuardStation workstations

End users can now upgrade to Symmetry CompleteView 4.7, the latest version of Symmetry CompleteView VMS that offers dynamic video management tools for enterprise deployments. Speak to your AMAG Sales contact for more information.

Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System
Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System is a leading edge approach to video surveillance offering users unlimited scalability and flexibility. The user friendly, intuitive Video Management software provides a comprehensive set of integrated video control features including per-camera configuration of all video streaming and recording parameters, advanced PTZ control on event, live / recorded video, and simultaneous support for multiple video formats.

Symmetry CompleteView is available in three editions: ONE, Pro and Enterprise. All editions support analog, IP and hybrid designs. Each Symmetry CompleteView edition includes all clients (video, alarm, web, mapping and Spotlight) and scales from entry-level to enterprise installations. Seamless analog and IP camera support gives customers the freedom to choose the best technology to meet their needs. You have the ability to mix analog and IP cameras and change the analog license to an IP license at no extra charge as Symmetry CompleteView is licensed per camera with no server or client fees, protecting your investment.

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Symmetry CompleteView 4.7.4 Now Available 
Symmetry PowerProtect Network Video Recorders
The Symmetry PowerProtect range of hybrid Network Video Recorders supports directly connected analog cameras as well as IP cameras simultaneously using Symmetry CompleteView Video Management Software. This capability offers users the option to migrate from existing analog cameras to IP cameras over time, without purchasing third party encoder hardware or repurchasing camera software licenses.
The Symmetry PowerProtect range offers seven NVR varieties all preloaded with Symmetry CompleteView software and Windows 64 Bit OS on a dedicated drive. The Symmetry PowerProtect platform is built specifically to provider higher performance and greater reliability extending the limits of operational capabilities for video surveillance systems. Available in USA & Canada only.
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Symmetry TouchView Mobile Apps
Symmetry TouchView is a range of mobile applications enabling users to view Symmetry CompleteView on their iPod® touch/ iPhone®/ iPad® and Android™ smartphones. Symmetry TouchView combines the power of Symmetry CompleteView Video Management software with the freedom of mobile to provide users access to live video, recorded video and PTZ camera control from a powerful, fully integrated interface.Users can instantly access, monitor and review live and recorded video from any camera connected to a Symmetry CompleteView recording server in the system. In addition, cameras from multiple servers can be accessed simultaneously with PTZ control. Symmetry CompleteView’s powerful Dynamic Resolution Scaling automatically sizes the video for live viewing, significantly reducing network usage and providing higher frame rates over mobile connections.
Symmetry GuardStation
Symmetry GuardStation is available as a Dual or quad Monitor client workstation under the Symmetry PowerProtect Platform. These high performance workstations and monitors are designed for demanding security control room deployments. The Symmetry GuardStation client workstations work with Symmetry CompleteView without the need for high capacity server processing.
Workstations are preloaded with Symmetry CompleteView client software and support either dual or quad monitor configurations in a desktop form factor. Designed for Symmetry CompleteView VMS, GuardStation client workstations provide the tools and capability to view live video, perform investigations and export evidence to a variety of media. Available in USA & Canada only
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Symmetry ViewPoint
Symmetry CompleteView ViewPoint works in conjunction with AMAG’s Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System to display and record a targeted computer’s desktop or attached webcam. Up to eight desktop monitors or webcams may be displayed and recorded from a single PC. Symmetry CompleteView treats the streams as it would any physical IP camera, allowing for live viewing, playback, PTZ control, and all other functionality associated with a camera connected to Symmetry CompleteView video.
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Symmetry CompleteView Training
Instant access to online, interactive, self paced Symmetry CompleteView training courses for certification. These courses are managed and certified by Salient. 

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