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Security is more than managing doors and controlling who has access to those doors. It’s about managing identities and the challenges they bring.
It’s about bringing together the different departments involved in managing access and streamlining each of their manual processes so everyone is on the same page and working efficiently.  It’s moving beyond access control and helping companies simplify their business processes so they meet compliance and save money.

Automating on and off boarding and access requests streamlines operations, saving time, money and headcount while ensuring a safer environment. When a company can align its security goals with its operational goals, it creates a better business environment overall.

operate more efficiently

Symmetry CONNECT is a policy-based identity management platform that helps organizations of all sizes to manage the identities of their employees, visitors and contractors and operate more efficiently by meeting compliance requirements, reducing operating costs and providing a safer environment. 
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Reduce risk when you automate manual processes and streamline access control permissions. Usage based rules automatically revoke access rights when an access is not used, tightening up security and reducing policy breaches.  Streamlining also means less chance of human error, resulting in better security.


Symmetry CONNECT integrate multiple data sources to simplify and enhance the user experience while reducing errors and streamlining operations.  
Rather than add more people when processes become inefficient, Symmetry CONNECT streamlines processes and saves money.


Symmetry CONNECT ensures that only individuals with the agreed approvals and requirements have access to secure areas for the time frame needed.  
Run reports to prove audit and compliance for internal audits or for external requirements such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA and NERC CIP, to name a few.

Symmetry CONNECT is able to correlate the information from unconnected, disparate historical systems and automate security processes based on enforcing the corporate policy, providing better compliance, efficiency and lower overall costs.
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