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When Do Video Systems Yield Information Other Than Images?
Video analytics and the resulting metadata is being analyzed to provide solutions that go outside of security and even video surveillance. The cameras are being used as smart sensors in an ever-growing number of applications.

Who Should Be 'In the Room' When Deciding to Buy Security Systems?
What used to be a few people sitting around a table making decisions has now grown extensively to double digits. Different teams from IT, HR, Legal Business Continuity, and Security, including subset specialists from each group, all participate and have a voice in the security system decision-making process.

Women in the Security Industry
a&s talked to several women in security to find out how they got into the industry, why they think there are so few women in the industry, and what we can do to encourage more women to be a part of it.


Solving Enterprise Pain Points
Enterprise access control clients are unique — even amongst themselves — in that their problems are often more complex, more difficult to solve and just bigger. Often involving multiple sites over large campuses or even across the globe, today’s enterprise customers are cognizant of technology and its potential to help them with their biggest “pain points.” What they don’t know is how to get there. That is where the security integrator comes in.


Retrofit Fits the Bill for Outdated Security Technology
The University of Nevada Reno, which faced a migration challenge, was able to save money on wiring, panels and readers when upgrading from legacy to a more powerful, user more-friendly access system from Amag Technology. The university runs its security through two different departments (housing and main campus). With the retrofit, “we were able to operate independently, yet use one database,” says Chas Stricker, residential life, housing and food services at UN Reno. 

Meeting the TWIC Mandate - Lousiana's Port Fourchon makes security an important dialog
The Greater Lafourche Port Commission, located on the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, facilitates the economic growth of the communities in which it operates by maximizing the flow of trade and commerce. Because of its ideal geographic location in the Gulf of Mexico, Port Fourchon’s primary service market is domestic deepwater oil and gas exploration, drilling, and production of the Gulf of Mexico. Port Fourchon’s tenant companies provide supplies and equipment to more than 90 percent of all deep-water activity in the entire U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

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How visitor management systems create value to enterprises
More and more, registration can be further streamlined through a pre-registration process. This is especially beneficial when a host is expecting a large group of visitors, as they don’t have to register one by one. “We've incorporated a function within Outlook and Google Calendar. The moment you schedule a meeting through Outlook and Google Calendar, it will immediately pre-register everybody on your invitee list, trying to eliminate that extra step that employees have to take to register their visitors,” said Kurt Takahashi, SVP of Sales at AMAG Technology.

Access Control: Fulfilling FICAM
Written by Derek Greenland, Application Engineer, Government Systems, for AMAG Technology, this article discusses six challenges integrators must overcome to sell and deploy a FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management standards) solution.

Challenges And Opportunities In Analog-To-IP Video System Transition In Healthcare Facilities
Other manufacturers see analog in the healthcare vertical as largely a thing of the past. Camera technology has advanced so far and so fast that the analog or IP debate is really a thing of the past, says Dave Ella, AMAG Technology’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “The question now is how quickly budgets will allow for the transition to newer technology,” Ella says.

Technology Streamlines and Improves Visitor Management at Healthcare Facilities 
Tighter control of visitor and contractor management in non-public areas through pre-booking and advance approval are developing areas, says Dave Ella, Vice President of Product Marketing, AMAG Technology. AMAG has developed a new visitor management solution called Symmetry GUEST that allows visitors to be vetted to provide a safer and more secure environment for patients and staff, as well as the use of smartphones as identification and access credentials.

Healthcare Security Systems: Funding Remains Biggest Obstacle To Installation
Some healthcare facilities are not harnessing the potential power of their newly improved video management systems, says Ella of AMAG. “The systems need to be made more proactive. Viewing areas and recoding video is not enough. Video is capable of being part of an integrated prevention tool to respond quickly to developing incidents."

Access Control Technologies Manage Emergency Hospital Lockdowns Access control systems offering lockdown capabilities have demonstrated their usefulness in the hospital environment. For example, Henry County Health Center in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, installed Threat Level Manager, a feature of AMAG’s Symmetry access control system, to provide a lockdown capability in the event of an emergency. The health center can increase its security based on the threat level defined by them.

Physical Security Systems Enable Compliance to HIPAA and Other Privacy Laws
Hospitals and healthcare facilities install AMAG’s Symmetry access control system and Symmetry CompleteView Video Management to manage and control access and provide HIPAA compliance throughout their buildings and campuses. Security plan policies and procedures need to protect a healthcare facility, says Ella. Automatically reviewing access permissions for employees, contractors and visitors on a regular basis is a key aspect of the plan, and AMAG’s Symmetry CONNECT product is designed for that purpose.

Healthcare End Users Seek More Integration Of Disparate Security Systems
Tighter integration between physical access control systems with specific hospital-based systems such as mother and baby alarms, asset location technologies and robotic vehicle systems are likely advances that we will see adopted more often, agrees Dave Ella, Vice President of Product Marketing, AMAG Technology.

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How integrator's role evolves in access control-IoT convergence
"Facilities security and IT ... each one does their own thing. So it's up to the organization to make a conscious decision to streamline across those practices," said Kurt Takahashi, SVP of Sales at AMAG Technology.