ProxiPen and ProxiPen TopGuard Patrol Software is a simple, cost effective tool for the management of guards and patrol staff.

ProxiPen Kit
TopGuard Patrol
TopGuard Patrol Plus
The ProxiPen is available either as a stand alone or as part of a kit including tags, data transfer unit and software.
The ProxiPen Kit
The ProxiPen Kit contains all you need to start working with the ProxiPen.
TopGuard Patrol Plus Software
ProxiPen TopGuard Patrol Plus software makes it easy to set up tours, download and evaluate data and prepare reports.
TopGuard Patrol Software
ProxiPen TopGuard Patrol is a cost effective tool for the set up and management of guard tours.

ProxiPen Video

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Getting Started Video
See how easy the ProxiPen system is to set up and operate by following this simple getting started video guide.

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