Training is one of the fundamental elements that helps make AMAG Technology a market leading manufacturer. It is the quality of our training that keeps us ahead of the field, ensuring that our wide range of access control, network video and intrusion management products can always be maintained at peak performance by our resellers and users.

We want our resellers to maximize the potential of the systems they install and maintain. To meet that goal, we have three fully equipped in-house training facilities that can provide specialist technical training. The AMAG Technology Training Department offers industry leading classroom-based, webinar, and “on demand” courses to ensure our customers have access to current and relevant product information based on their individual needs.

AMAG's Education and Training Department offers several different training classes. As a part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best in support and products, we constantly refine and update our training program and our products to ensure that you receive the latest in technology enhancements and current product design.

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Reseller Certification Program

AMAG is pleased to announce its NEW Symmetry Certification Program.  AMAG Resellers will receive many benefits when they reach Certification level and can qualify for two certification levels for Symmetry training paths:

Symmetry Associate Level

Complete the Essentials course and qualify for technical support.

Symmetry Professional

Successful completion of the Essentials course and the Advanced course qualifies resellers for priority technical support, proactive technical bulletins and additional program benefits.
Re-Certification Training
Looking to be re-certified? click here.

Training Offerings

AMAG is pleased to announce the offering of two standard courses for our valued End Users. We believe that daily maintenance of the Symmetry System and a well trained Symmetry Administrator are vital to performance and utilization of the Security Management System.

NEW End User Symmetry System Administrator Course, three days

System Administrator and Managers have the knowledge and tools needed to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of the Symmetry System. The course focuses on providing in-depth instruction on the features and capabilities of the Security System, the configuration of these features, basic maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

NEW End User Symmetry System Operators Course, two days

The course provides the essential knowledge and skills to ensure that the day-to-day operators and users can effectively perform their duties and tasks within the security system.  It is focused on introducing end users to the Symmetry Version 7 Security Management System and provides them with hands-on instruction of the day-to-day tasks of operating the system.

NEW Reseller Symmetry Advanced V7, 5-day course

The Advanced course provides in-depth training of advanced product features, database and troubleshooting techniques, and third party integrations and Global Systems. To qualify for the course, students must complete the Symmetry Essential course and have a current Symmetry Certification on file.

AMAG offers these courses in the Torrance, (California) , Arlington, (Virginia) and Tewkesbury (UK) Training Centers throughout the year. We will also provide on-site training upon request. Please review our on-line training calendar for the availability of these training courses at our Training Centers and open dates for On-site Training Requests. The request forms for each class and on-site training request can be accessed from AMAG’s Online Training Calendar or by contacting our  Education & Training Manager.
For information on Training please contact:
Don Boling
Education & Training Manager
Education and Training
AMAG Technology, Inc.
(310) 561-3384 

 For training in the Tewkesbury UK Training Center please contact Ryan Howarth [ ] or call +44 (0)1684 850977


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