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Symmetry Security Management System
Symmetry is a flexible and well designed Access Control System which is a great choice for organizations of any size. Symmetry software, door controllers and card readers combine into a very flexible and cost effective solution.

Symmetry Access Control Systems are designed to suit every type and size of   organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multi-national corporations.       

One of the greatest strengths of Symmetry is the software which is very easy to use and contains a huge range of features to increase security and improve productivity of the security and facility management teams. Whether the customer's requirement is simply to issue badges to open doors, or if alarm management, video and other security measures are important to the organization, Symmetry will be a great choice.
Symmetry is an open system with many different options for combining security equipment and software into a single Security Management System which follows
international standard for networking and integration.      
New users of Symmetry benefit from the very wide range of up-to-date software and integration features used in 30,000 Symmetry systems already installed around the world.  Symmetry is fully-featured, highly reliable and extremely cost effective for any size implementation.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management
  • The Symmetry Visitor Management features enable you to improve the efficiency of the visitor check-in process, enhance site security and manage visitor details including more effectively.
  • The system allows easy entry of visitor details through a dedicated Visitors screen which also allows authorized employees to enter information about their visitors prior to arrival.
  • Reduce check-in delays, improve efficiency and enable security staff to verify a person’s identity more carefully on arrival.
  • Visitor details can be captured from a drivers license, passport or business card using the IDScan document scanner.      
  • Enhances security by enabling security staff to check a visitor’s identity during check-in.      
  • Details can be entered from client PCs or through a Web browser (requires the SymmetryWEB Client Software option).     
  • Visitor notes can record additional information, such as dietary requirements.


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Task Manager

  • Task Manager expands the established Symmetry Security Management System to become much more than a basic Access Control and Video Management platform.
  • Task Manager provides the capability to create, process and manage operator tasks these may include specific visitor instructions, alarm or bell testing and security patrols.
  • Allows tasks to be created and assigned to either an individual system operator or job role within the Symmetry system.
  • Tasks can be set as reoccurring at regular intervals or can be a one-off event.
  • When a task is due a reminder is flagged within the separate Task Manager interface or for specific users the reminder can be integrated into the Symmetry alarm list to raise awareness.
  • Once the task has been completed the user records the results and outcome of the task to provide a complete audit trail.
Symmetry security Management System

Graphical Map Interface

Symmetry Security Management System
  • Symmetry Graphical Map Interface supports Alarm Management and enables devices such as readers, doors, cameras, intrusion areas and sensors to be easily monitored, located and controlled from graphical maps or floor plans.
  • Maps show the current status of each device, including alarm conditions.
  • Since it is easy to locate an alarm from a map, the appropriate personnel can be dispatched quickly, leading to improved Alarm Management site security and efficiency.
  • Provides a highly-visual interface to monitor and control the system
  • Arm and disarm alarm panel areas
  • Enables devices and alarms to be located quickly
  • Automatic display of map on alarm for easy alarm acknowledgement
  • Allows links between maps
  • Commands can be sent to devices (e.g. to grant access through a door)


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Workflow Designer

  • Symmetry Workflow Designer provides the flexibility to fully customize the Alarm Management processes to meet the operational needs of any high security site or multisite organization.
  • The implementation of alarm acknowledgement workflows ensures alarms are processed promptly in compliance with organizational procedures, and overall security is maintained. A particularly important capability as security systems become more complex and cover a much wider geographic footprint.
  • Fully customizable alarm acknowledgment process
  • Unlimited number of workflows per Symmetry system
  • Create workflows for any alarm condition
  • Create simple questions and answer guides with actions based on responses
  • Automate sending of commands
  • Complete Video Management, Intrusion, Access Control and Audio integration


Symmetry Security Management System
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Safety Roll Call

Symmetry Security Management System
  • A more efficient and accurate alternative to traditional roll call tick sheets, Symmetry Safety Roll Call is designed for petro-chemical plants, manufacturing facilities and large office buildings.
  • Operates with the building Access Control system to track individuals on site and ensure all personnel are evacuated from a building in the event of an alarm.
  • During an evacuation individuals will be checked off a Safety Roll Call report, generated through Symmetry or they can present their Access Control badges to a dedicated muster card reader.
  • Up to individual 32 muster areas
  • Enables safety roll call within nested areas (area within an area)
  • Automatic or manual report generation
  • Option for multiple recipients of reports
  • Categorize report via personal information (e.g. for first aiders or department)
  • Begin muster from off-site
  • Automatically begin a muster from a set input


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Threat Level Manager

  • Threat Level Manager is an advanced management software module that enables security personnel to alter the level of building security, completely reconfiguring it at the click of a button enabling instant response to threats.
  • Enables security level to be easily changed to match perceived threat.
  • Provides five fully-customizable levels of security
    Allows selective access, depending on threat level.
  • Enables site security to be enhanced during periods of low occupancy (e.g. holiday periods).
  • Allows site security to be quickly relaxed during fire or other evacuation emergencies.
  • Executes commands when threat level changes (e.g. sets doors to card-and-PIN mode).
  • Scheduled and conditional commands can be enabled/disabled, depending on threat level.


Threat Level Manager
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SymmetryWEB Client

  • SymmetryWEB client software enables  users to remotely access the Symmetry Security Management System and perform key functions such as Access Control management, visitor authorisation and alarm management  via a web interface.
  • Security and building personnel can use the SymmetryWEB client to set up new card holders, assign access rights to card readers and doors as well as quickly and efficiently register visitors.
  • SymmetryWEB removes the need to install or maintain local thick client software, while still providing access to data.
  • Allows users to interface with the Symmetry using a standard web browser from a desktop workstation or mobile device such as a tablet.
  • SymmetryWEB client interface is designed to support the card holders and visitor applications within Symmetry.
  • An intuitive, user friendly layout displays the applications, card holders and devices available to the user according to their privileges.
  • The navigation is simple and easy to follow enabling users to view a complete profile of card holder information, including all card holder options, access assignments and personal information.


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Intrusion Management

  • Intrusion Management combines previously separate Access Control, Video Management and intruder detection systems to create a single, unified solution that enhances security, reduces cost and simplifies administration.
  • Programming, alarms and reporting are all centrally managed within the same system through a single graphical user interface.
  • Designed for applications where an organization’s security is monitored in a dedicated control room.
  • It is especially suited to Government and Military applications where compliance with SCIF and other high security system standards is important.
  • Uses M2150 multiNODE controllers instead of separate intrusion panels
  • Flexible design options according to system requirements
  • Significantly reduced hardware and installation costs compared to using separate systems
  • Combined card reader / keypad provides better control and indication of alarm system status
    Compliant to the SCIF standard DCID 6/9, UL294 and UL1076 


Intrusion Management
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Data Connect - Import / Export

Symmetry Security Management System
  • The import option enables users to import details of card holders or visitors from a third-party system into the Symmetry Security Management System.
  • The third-party system exports card data (e.g. person's name, card number, personal data, reader group and time code, etc.) to an import database.
  • If an SQL database is used, records can be imported automatically.
  • Symmetry will also maintain the information, which should be used by the third-party application when adding the card records to the import database



  • The Export option enables users to export details of card holders from Symmetry to a third-party system.
  • Symmetry exports card holder data (e.g. card holder's name, card number etc.) to an export database.
  • Transaction data from third-party systems can be imported into the Symmetry transaction database via the import database.
  • Display live transactions in the Alarm and Activity windows.
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Guard Patrol Manager

  • Guard Patrol Manager enables security officers to set up and run guard tours using card readers or allocated monitor points (key operated switches).
  • An unlimited number of tours across single or multiple sites can be set up and run simultaneously.
  • The security officer can define tour routes and timeframes between each card reader or monitor point.
  • Any number of card readers or monitor points can be grouped together to form a tour.
  • Run multiple tours simultaneously
  • Run tours across multiple sites
  • Stop, resume and pause tours as required 
  • ‘Grace period’ for guards between monitor points
  • Set up tours to use card readers or allocated monitor points
  • Track route and schedule of guard
  • Raise alarm if tour schedule not met


Guard Patrol Software

Intercom Management

Symmetry Security Management Software
  • Provides a graphical intercom call station connection and logging capability from within the Access Control and Security Management System.
  • Intercom call requests, connections and status are all shown on one easy to use screen.
  • Intercom call stations may be grouped and routed to an unrestricted number of client machines.
  • Display automatically updates and displays a call station button for each call station contained in the selected group.
  • The intercom group contains lists of all intercom station groups defined for the company.
  • When a call request is received it is added to the call request list and the associated call station icon changes from the default microphone icon to an intercom icon.
  • When a connection is made the call station icon will be updated to a microphone / intercom icon, and the button border will change to a steady green border.


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XML Open Integration

  • Symmetry XML Open Integration enables the development of programs that can control and exchange information with the Symmetry Security Management System
  • Open Integration employs industry standard XML and Web Service technologies. These achieve easy communication between diverse systems, irrespective of the programming languages or platforms used, and are recognized as being fundamental in the move towards distributed computing.
  • Gives two-way control and exchange of data between the Symmetry Security Management System and other systems.
  • Simplifies and standardizes the task of linking diverse systems.
  • Uses Microsoft® IIS, available free of charge with Windows®.
  • Saves time by allowing data to be shared between different systems.
  • Enables development of common user interfaces that increase efficiency and reduce training costs.
  • Allows hardware such as sensors to be shared, which reduces equipment costs.   
    Provides security against unauthorized access.


Symmetry Security Management System
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